Wizard of Oz

A production of Wizard of Oz in Renton, WA commissioned some illustrations for their promotional poster and I was happy ...

“Finding Amigos” – The Friend

An illustration for the LDS children’s magazine, “The Friend”. The story follows that a young girl and her family move ...


A representative for a food storage company, THRIVE, commissioned a web header for her personal site

World Traveler

A pair of illustrations designed as destination stickers for that old trunk that travels the world with you

AFB International

A clever series of advertisement illustrations for a leading pet food palatability company.

The Singer

Here we have a few different illustrations for voice over artist and commercial talent, Liz Stephens. She was looking for an illustration to spice up her promotional website.

Bundles of Joy

A grouping of several baby-related icons.


A series of college-targeted illustrations to promote the USU Charter Credit Union.

The Calamari Clash

A fun depiction of a pair of chefs who each think they know best.

The Detective

A charming illustration of a detective following the mess...


A few flat-graphic renderings of a collection of favorite animals

Life Stages

A series of illustrations designed for the LDS church for an addiction recovery program.


A response to the Illustration Friday word prompt: windy.

The Shrink

A visual commentary on the virtualization of inter-personal relationships.

The Jub-Jub Trees

A fanciful harmony of design and illustration.

Plaza Theatre

A pair of show posters for the Plaza Theatre.

The Parisan

A stylized illustration of a quintessential Parisian dame.

NPR – Backseat Book Club

A spot illustration for NPR's Back Seat Book Club.


A vector illustration of a bright yellow morning over the Rocky Mountains


A spot illustration of a celebratory mariachi band


A triptych of archetypical Italian culture


A 2010 Society of Illustrators award winner, this piece is a beautifully designed image of feeding flamingos in brightly saturated color.

Tufts Medical Center

A series of images for the Tufts Medical Center and Signature Health Care.


A fashionable illustration of a lovely red-head shopping away.


A whimsical exploration of animal forms with classic circus themes.

Appible eBooks

A series of genre based icons for a leading Palm platform eBook publisher.


A re-imagining of the classic Hasbro board game, Clue. A complete project, including characters, miniatures, cards & game board.

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